4 ram slots which ones to use

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If you had four free RAM slots on your board, which of the following would you choose: a) 16GB (2x8GB) or b) 16GB (4x4GB) Ignore the fact that getting 2x8GB sticks leaves you with room to upgrade - pretend 16GB was all you'll ever need. Just in terms of speed, reliability, power consumption, etc., which would you choose?

RAM: 7 things you need to know about memory | PC4U Our big RAM guide gives seven tips about memory and answers questions such as “how much is enough?”, “which modules are suitable?” and more. Some advertising slogans remain in our memory. How Do I Replace the Memory (RAM) in My Computer? | GMDrives Therefore, its important to know which RAM you need and what slots are available in your latptop or desktop. Before purchasing RAM head to the system manual you are going to use the RAM for. Lenovo TAB 3 7 Plus TB-7703 Dual Sim 4G Tablet - 7 Inch, 16GB Review and Buy Lenovo TAB 3 7 Plus TB-7703 Dual Sim 4G Tablet - 7 Inch, 16GB, 2GB RAM, 4G LTE, Black at the best price and offers in Dubai - UAE at Souq.com. Shop Tablets Online From Lenovo

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motherboard - Installing 2 DDR3 Sticks in MB with 4 Slots ... For you memory configuration read page 1-14 of your manual, it tells you exactly which slots to use (color coded) for Single-sided or Double-sided RAM. For your configuration it will not matter which color slots you use, just put both your sticks in either the blue slots, or both your sticks in the black slots.

How to Upgrade the RAM (Memory) on a Laptop

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I am building on ASUS H170 Pro Gaming motherboard that has four DIMM slots. The ASUS Pro Gaming Guide recommends if using two DIMMs, insert one in DIMM_A2 and one in DIMM_B2. I have read several posts that indicate the Guide is incorrect and my experience has been to use lower numbered slots first, i.e. A_1 and B_1.

Adding more RAM to PC: use all 4 slots or only 2 ?: PC Talk ... Re: Adding more RAM to PC: use all 4 slots or only 2 ? In reply to photophile • Nov 15, 2014 I think I'd change all the ram - ram is cheap - at the same time and have x4 modules of 2Gb each. Windows 7 does not boot with 4 ram sticks (16gb) Solved ... I don't know about your specific board, but in the past some motherboards had RAM problems if all 4 memory slots were populated. A possible fix is to go into the BIOS setup and set the RAM timings and voltage to the ones recommended by the manufacturer. laptop - Notebook that supports 32 GB RAM - Hardware ... Choose "mobile" and use the filter to find those which have max memory size = 32 GB. Newer Thinkpads (W series) can support 4 slots x 8 GB of memory. I guess that buying second-hand DELL or HP can be also an option. It's all about processor, number of slots and memory type. Company isn't that important. – belford Jan 6 '16 at 19:40